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Tribute to mothers who take care of their sick adult children
The usual expectation is adult children taking care of their elderly parents. But often roles are reversed with elderly parents having to nurse their stricken adult children. Mothers lead in being caregivers. Special mental and psychological support in invaluable especially in anyone who’s been in a tragic incident. Recently I visited a friend who was involved in a tragic accident in Nairobi in November 2014. By his bedside was his elderly mother who has been there from the day of the accident. My friend is recovering well.
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When a medical relationship breaks down
Your doctor too may get to a point where they are no longer interested in your custom. They may be getting too busy, and looking to filter out some patients from their practice. They may find you unwanted for other seemingly simple reasons. May be you are too demanding, or a hypochondriac who annoyingly keeps consulting for mundane reasons.
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When fatherhood needs a helping hand
Many men harbor the natural desire to father a child. It becomes very distressing when a couple is unable to conceive, with no clear indication where the problem is. Men in fact are the sole contributory factors to problems with conception in about a third of the cases. And they have a contributory effect in a further third of cases where conception is a problem. The tendency to presume that women are the problem most of the times is a fallacy.
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Plan for a healthier holiday season
Plan for a healthier holiday season You may argue the duration of the coming holiday season is too short to care about your health. But whatever you do has both short and long-term health implications. Planning a healthier holiday season well beforehand will still keep you in the celebratory and carefree mode. And you will worry much less about your health once it’s all over.
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