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Penile health: what men need to know
Penile health rarely makes it into regular health tips columns, in great contrast to vaginal health. Both are however intertwined in matters of sexual and reproductive health. It should be men’s business to be keenly aware of their penile health.
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Health disparities persist for rural women
Women’s health is an integral part of overall health system of any country. They are the one who takes care of the health of the whole family. Good health of the children to a greater extent depends on the good health conditions of women. They are the foundation of health system/status of family/community. ‘The woman is the pilot around which the family, the society and humanity itself revolves.
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Beware of bugs in your daily commute, and in the office
If you take public transport, you are inevitably exposed to a multitude of bugs. Bus door handles, supportive rails, arm rests and the seats are all full of bugs thanks to being handled by many people. Each person brings along some bugs, and deposits them wherever they touch. Then you come along and pick some, and deposit some of your own as well.
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Avoid being over-diagnosed, and over-treated
Over-diagnosis refers to making a diagnosis that is ultimately not necessary, because the patient would never have suffered any symptoms or death from the said diagnosis. Over-diagnosis usually occurs when you get screened for a disease, such as cancer, in an effort to detect it at an early stage when it may be more amenable to treatment and cure.
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