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Why maternal blood group matters in pregnancy
Blood group typing in pregnancy is important for various reasons. Standard blood groups are A, B, AB or O. Each group is additionally labelled either positive (+) or negative (-), which denotes what is called Rhesus factor. The Rhesus factor is a marker on the red blood cells, and majority of people have this factor and are labelled Rhesus positive. However, about one in every ten people are Rhesus negative.
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Women’s healthy choices over xmas
The festive season is already with us, there is going to be lots of wining and dining in the next couple of weeks. However, prudence is required in order to avoid the health risks usually associated with all the merry making. Everyone should selectively make the healthiest choices for food, drink and behaviour as they celebrate Christmas, either with family or friends.
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Questioning your doctor
The number of Nairobians walking into hospitals and doctors’ offices every day is massive. Take a walk into Nairobi hospitals any day of the week if you need some proof or into some doctors’ waiting rooms.Chances are you’ll encounter unending queues. A quick glance will pick out some individuals who look too well, what would they be up to?
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Dispelling common myths about fertility
Fertility potential declines with age. Peak fertility is usually in the 20s, then an accelerated decline occurs from the mid-30s. From the 4th decade onwards, only a small number of women will conceive spontaneously.
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