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Parents, talking to boys about sex shouldn’t be hard
Boys need special formal talk on sexuality. Back in my days, I got all the lessons from my grandfather.  Including the art of seduction! With hindsight, most of the lessons are much deeper than any books I have come across.
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You may not really need that antibiotic
Am sure you are well versed with potential misuse of prescription drugs. The list of what can get misused, or abused, is endless. The commonly misused drugs include painkillers and sedatives, which in the worst cases can lead to dependence and addiction. But few people may be aware that antibiotics, commonly used to treat bacterial infections, are also liable to misuse.
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Life without a uterus
The womb (uterus in medical terms) is a key organ that defines women and their reproductive potential. It’s a dynamic organ that responds in a predictable manner to female hormones produced by the ovaries. As soon as reproductive maturity is achieved, the uterus always keeps itself ready in anticipation for a potential pregnancy.
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Excessive drinking, not just about Mututho laws
The debate about the merits and demerits of the famous Mututho laws on drinking is not about to end. There will always be a counter-argument. It matters little who puts in a better reasoned point of view, the issue at hand is our long term health in the face of alcoholism.
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