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Your doctor is unlikely to be your Facebook friend
You will find all conceivable businesses maintaining active pages on Facebook, Twitter and several other social platforms. Doctors too are increasingly trying to maintain an active presence on social media. But any connections between doctors and their patients must maintain confidentiality,
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Maternal and newborn care must be equitable for all
No Kenyan woman, regardless of their socio-economic status, deserves poor healthcare.
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Non-contraceptive benefits of Family Planning
Contraception, commonly known as Family Planning, has been in existence for over 50 years. Most contraceptive choices concentrate on women, but novel male contraceptives are on the horizon.
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Beware of bugs in your daily commute, and in the office
If you take public transport, you are inevitably exposed to a multitude of bugs. Bus door handles, supportive rails, arm rests and the seats are all full of bugs thanks to being handled by many people. Each person brings along some bugs, and deposits them wherever they touch. Then you come along and pick some, and deposit some of your own as well.
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