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When a medical relationship breaks down
Your doctor too may get to a point where they are no longer interested in your custom. They may be getting too busy, and looking to filter out some patients from their practice. They may find you unwanted for other seemingly simple reasons. May be you are too demanding, or a hypochondriac who annoyingly keeps consulting for mundane reasons.
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Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), fertility implications
The cause of PCOS is not known, but sometimes runs in families. The symptoms are related to abnormal hormone production (hence the term hormone imbalance). The diagnosis is made following typical symptoms, hormone tests and ultrasound imaging of the ovaries.
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Your doctor’s age may be lethal
Doctors are among a unique group of professionals who work till they get to a ripe age. It’s not unusual to find doctors in their 7th or 8th decades still running busy clinical practices. But questions often arise about the quality of medical care provided by increasingly older doctors.
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Endometriosis and fertility
The main symptoms are severely painful periods. The pain may start just before the onset of periods, last through the period, and ease after the period is complete. Some will experience painful sexual intercourse, and there may be associated heavy periods as well. In some cases, there are also urinary and bowel symptoms.
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