Failure to ovulate, and how to get help
If delay in conceiving is suspected to be due to failure to ovulate, a comprehensive gynecological evaluation must be done to diagnose the exact cause. The evaluation includes reviewing your menstrual pattern, followed by hormone tests and imaging of the reproductive organs. Additional testing for uncommon conditions may be recommended for a few.
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Optimal antenatal care and delivery
Every pregnant woman should have antenatal care (ANC) under the supervision of a skilled health worker, and in a well-equipped facility. Skilled ANC providers include Midwives and Obstetricians, often working together as a team.
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When sex is too painful, or impossible
Involuntary tightening of the muscles around the vagina is referred to as vaginismus.There is usually no physical cause. It is a distressing condition that can potentially stop your sex life, cause relationship problems or even prevent you from starting a family.
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New Year health resolutions that count
It’s now only days into the New Year 2019. As a tradition, many individuals review the past year’s events, and
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Bleeding after sexual intercourse warrants a check
Bleeding after sexual intercourse is unusual. For the majority, it is usually an innocent symptom with no serious underlying illness. However, it’s prudent to get checked out if you ever experience any bleeding with sex.
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