Chickenpox exposure in pregnancy should be avoided
Exposure to infectious diseases should generally be avoided if at all possible. This is more so in pregnancy as infectious diseases may pose complications both to the mother and her unborn baby. Chickenpox is one such infection, pregnant mothers should as much as possible avoid contact with anybody infected with chickenpox.
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Failure to ovulate, and how to get help
If delay in conceiving is suspected to be due to failure to ovulate, a comprehensive gynecological evaluation must be done to diagnose the exact cause. The evaluation includes reviewing your menstrual pattern, followed by hormone tests and imaging of the reproductive organs. Additional testing for uncommon conditions may be recommended for a few.
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Sexual dissatisfaction in the menopause
Menopause signifies the end of natural reproductive potential, but not the end of sexual activities. The inevitable hormonal changes in the menopause have consequential effects on the functioning of the genital system. Women and their partners will thus experience new changes in sexual function, which may sometimes interfere with sexual enjoyment and satisfaction.
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Confused by the estimated date of delivery
It’s never an accurate date, you may deliver several days before or after the EDD. There are several ways of calculating the EDD. The date has traditionally been calculated forwards based on the first day of your last period, but this presumes regular menstrual cycles of 28 days.
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Why you should commence antenatal care early
You should aim to commence antenatal care around the 11th to the 13th week of pregnancy. At this point, the growing baby is well-developed to allow a detailed assessment of normality. Virtually every organ is formed by this point, allowing some developmental or genetic abnormalities to be detected this early. This is also the best time to accurately date your pregnancy, giving you the estimated date of delivery, usually abbreviated as EDD.
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