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The term benign implies a mild and non-progressive disease. A tumor is an abnormal growth resulting from uncontrolled multiplication of cells, and serving no physiological function.
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It appears the man was the one who had a problem, and not the other way round. Either way, there can never be any justification for that level of violence. For starters, natural conception is a two-way affair. Each of the partners must have a functional reproductive system for conception
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A unique behind the scenes perspective on the day to day encounters experienced in a busy Gynecological practice.

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Dr Murage is available for fertility consultations at Harley Street Fertility Centre, OiLibya Plaza, Muthaiga Rd, Nairobi.

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MyGyno team is available for consultations on the full range of Women’s Health.

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This tool helps predict the likelihood of success with fertility treatment. Please remember that these tools are just a guidance