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The term ovarian cyst is known to most women in the reproductive age group. It denotes fluid-filled swellings within the ovary. Unfortunately, many women get quite anxious whenever a diagnosis of an ovarian cyst is made. Luckily, most cysts are innocent (or benign in medical terms), and usually disappear on
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Most people have some kind of relationship with their regular doctors. But such relationships must always have clear boundaries, and should always remain professional. If certain lines are crossed, the relationship becomes something else, and can no longer be defined as a doctor-patient relationship.
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A unique behind the scenes perspective on the day to day encounters experienced in a busy Gynecological practice.

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Dr Murage is available for fertility consultations at Harley Street Fertility Centre, OiLibya Plaza, Muthaiga Rd, Nairobi.

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MyGyno team is available for consultations on the full range of Women’s Health.

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This tool helps predict the likelihood of success with fertility treatment. Please remember that these tools are just a guidance