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When delivery needs to be assisted
Labor and delivery is a predictable event, but many variables come into play. Obstetricians and Midwives are trained to recognise and intervene when the progress of labor veers from the expected pattern.
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When fatherhood needs a helping hand
Many men harbor the natural desire to father a child. It becomes very distressing when a couple is unable to conceive, with no clear indication where the problem is. Men in fact are the sole contributory factors to problems with conception in about a third of the cases. And they have a contributory effect in a further third of cases where conception is a problem. The tendency to presume that women are the problem most of the times is a fallacy.
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Urinary incontinence in women
Urinary incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine. It is embarrassing and stigmatising, and occurs in women for various reasons. Nobody should live with incontinence, there are various treatment options that allow the condition to be controlled or completely cured.
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You too can innovate for health
If you look around, you will see novel innovations in healthcare that are changing the way your care gets delivered. The list of innovations is long, ranging from gadgets to health delivery processes. But who drives such innovations? It shouldn’t surprise you to know that healthcare consumers, that means you, play a big role in medical innovations.
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