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Cosmetic surgery, beware of botched results

Cosmetic surgery is a thriving industry, mainly popularized by celebrities who constantly find reason to uplift their appearances. But it’s not just celebrities who drive the cosmetic health industry, the trade has caught up in our part of the world as well. Boob jobs, facelifts, penile lengthening and vaginal refreshing are all too commonly done in our setting.

If you are unhappy with a part of your body, you need to think seriously before subjecting yourself to the knife in attempts to make things better. Nature creates variations in the way we look, there are really no ideals. The world would be too boring if we were all stunningly beautiful and handsome, however you define it. Differences in our appearances define our individuality and characteristics. That’s how mother nature intended it to be.

But you are allowed to reshape yourself if that’s what you want. You may think having a longer nose will make you look better, or filling up your crease lines will make you more attractive. Getting your sagging boobs augmented and lifted up will certainly do some good to your cleavage, and will get your male friends looking your way too often. The list of things you can change in your body is endless. But you must tread carefully as far as cosmetic surgery is concerned, you may end up worse off than where you started from.

For starters, be absolutely sure that you want to alter part of you permanently. Get yourself a 4D reconstruction of how you will look and be sure that you like it. Then look out for the most skilled cosmetic surgeon who specializes in the kind of cosmetics you want. There are far too many masqueraders in the field of cosmetic surgery who have no idea what they are doing. Next, check that you can afford it, and have an idea of how the recovery period is likely to be. You must be aware of potential complications, and how you would deal with them if they occur.

There are far too many stories about botched cosmetic surgery that you should not ignore. Ever heard of the celebrity who ended up with a uni-boob after breast augmentation? Or the guy whose nose fell off shortly after a plastic procedure? Even genital cosmetic surgery does not necessarily lead to enhanced sexual pleasure. Some individuals have ended up with grave sexual nightmares after what they deemed to be an enviable cosmetic adventure.

You are not as badly off as you might imagine. You can still live your life with some physical mishaps. If you must get anything corrected, get it done in the best way possible. Don’t get into any cosmetics as a fad, you might end up living with botched results for the rest of your days.

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