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How to find the right fertility clinic

Fertility treatments are both stressful, and expensive. Your aim, which isn’t always achievable, is to select the best clinic where you are likely to succeed the first time.

    There is an abundance of clinics, so you need to find a way of selecting one against another.
  • Start by looking up information about the clinics. Get online, ask others who’ve been there. Beware of biased feedback, either positive or negative.
  • Where is the clinic located? Is it easy for you to get there? Remember that fertility treatments require multiple clinic visits.
  • Is it easy to book an appointment? This should be a breeze, either online or by phone. If you can’t get through, and nobody responds to you, think again.
  • Do a background check about the clinic’s consultants. You want a team with relevant qualifications and experience.
  • There’s no harm making an initial casual visit just to have a ‘feel’. What’s the ambience like? And the frontline staff? Ask for additional information during this visit, it should be freely forthcoming.
  • Find out how much your initial consultation will cost.
    Once decided where to go, make an appropriate appointment.
  • Continue to be observant during your formal consultation. You will immediately know whether you’ve made the right choice, or not.
  • Ask for additional information after your consultation, like success rates, and overall costs of the proposed fertility treatment.

Once fully satisfied, continue your treatment in the selected clinic. If unsure, start all over again and go through the motions of selecting an alternate clinic.

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