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September 13, 2023
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September 18, 2023

How to make the most out of a fertility consult

Fertility consults are stressful for most couples. It’s best that you adequately prepare for your initial consult. Beware fertility consultations tend to be longer.

Both partners should come to the clinic together. Bring along all the results of any previous tests done. And summaries of previous related procedures. If you have already undergone fertility treatment elsewhere, bring a summary of this as well, regardless of whether you succeeded.

Give a detailed account of your reproductive history, everything matters. Then allow the doctor to ask for clarifications, and review all your previous results.

Your diagnosis might be immediately apparent. Or you may be asked to undergo some additional evaluations. Either way, an immediate recommendation should be made.

    It’s now time for you to ask questions.
  • Why are additional tests required? Beware some tests, like hormones, require to be updated as time goes. Repeating everything else is hardly necessary.
  • What is the most appropriate treatment for you? And are other options off the table? Treatment options are individualized, what suits others may not suit you.
  • What is your predicted success rate? Individual success rates are different from overall statistical success rates commonly put up by clinics.
  • How much will the treatment cost? And why? You need to know this so you can budget appropriately.
  • Are you with the right team? You should have done your homework before coming for a consult, but no harm re-checking that you have selected the best fertility team.
  • Ask anything else that you deem relevant, this list isn’t exhaustive.

You should leave feeling satisfied. If not, either return for a review, or go elsewhere

. Predict your treatment success rates

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