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September 6, 2023
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September 8, 2023

Incorporate healthy actions into your working day

Modern working environments are full of deliverables and deadlines, and many people struggle to fit it all into a typical eight-hour working day. Working smart doesn’t always get you an hour or so to spare. If you aren’t too careful, you may find yourself slipping down the path of workaholics. That means a struggle to fit in gym time, quiet relaxation moments, or even time for an unhurried healthy meal. You’d be losing in matters of health if all you did is work, work, and more work. You can let everything else slip, but you must dedicate time for health in any typical working day.

If you are health-conscious, you can easily incorporate health activities into your day’s schedule. And the quality of your work will not be compromised in any way, in fact you may end up performing even better. If you are an early riser, you could start off in the gym. But if not, don’t worry, have a healthy breakfast and head off to the office. Get off your car or public transport a few blocks away from your office, and walk the rest of the way. Once inside the office block, hit the stairs rather than squeezing into the lift. All you are doing is accumulating small bits of physical activities that will add up as the day progresses.

Make some conscious efforts to remain active whilst in the office. Occasional stretches while on your desk are good for your muscles. Take every opportunity to stand up while working. Open and close the door for whoever comes into your office. Don’t allow coffee to be served right onto your desk, rise up and get it yourself from the office kitchenette. And don’t accept the usual carbs-laden office snacks, bring along a fruit or some nuts. Wash down your snack breaks with some cool water.

If you require some breaks in between, don’t just look out other office mates and sit around for a chuckle. Walk out for five to ten minutes, this will reboot your brains, get you some fresh air, and exercise your stiff muscles. This also gives you some private relaxation moments. Occasionally skip the office canteen for lunch and take advantage of a walk to the quick shop round the corner. If you carry packed lunch, you don’t have to gobble it on your desk. Walk out with it to the farthest shade in the compound. And make sure you are only eating healthy stuff.

If you can work-out after work, well and good. If you cannot, get some physical stuff to do on your way out or when you get home. Give the pub a miss every so often after work, it will do you lots of good. If you plan it well, you will not only be the top dog at work, but also the healthiest.

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