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November 17, 2017
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The Doctor Kiosk will see you now…

Medical automation is getting into new levels. Among the latest developments is the unmanned Medical Kiosk. Yes that’s right, it’s literally a stand-alone booth kitted with the appropriate hardware and software to prompt medical interactions between humans and machines. All you do is walk in, pay a nominal charge, and get your consultation going. No doctor, no nurse, no fuss.

It may sound like science fiction stuff, but it is indeed real. Doctor Kiosks are springing up in selected cities, workplaces and impoverished villages. It’s a self-directed process, with an interactive screen and self-examination medical gadgets sprouting from incorporated pouches. At the other end is a medical specialist, connected to you remotely and ready to enhance the consult. It’s telemedicine at its best. The machine will evaluate your symptoms, and connect you to the remote physician if required. If a remote medical exam is required, the availed gadgets will make it a breeze. You finally exit with appropriate advice, and print off a prescription if required.

The advantages of Doctor Kiosks are obvious. The traditional doctor’s appointment is fraught with bureaucracy and ever rising costs. You can walk into a Medical Kiosk on demand, no need for prior appointments. You don’t even need time off work if one is located close to your workplace. You only pay a small fee. Medical Kiosks only need to be manned by a single individual, a nurse or a paramedic will do. This translates into savings on medical staff, and a ripple savings effect to employers and medical insurers. Remote areas have the potential to accrue major benefits too. Patients having ready access to Medical Kiosks can access specialists who would otherwise be unavailable to them.

But all this requires some initial investments. Customized Medical Kiosks will cost an initial tidy sum. Setting them up requires some sizable bandwidth for high-definition video connectivity. They need to run on uninterruptible power connections. There must also be some arrangements in place to facilitate telemedicine with the relevant specialists. Of course a degree of literacy among those seeking Medical Kiosk services is required, you can only interact with one if you can follow basic instructions and key in some data.

Be on the lookout for a Medical Kiosk round the corner. You won’t need to physically see your doctor for mundane ailments. Get the Kiosk to sort your aches and pains, the odd itch, colds and flus, and a multitude of all those other recurrent but benign symptoms. Claim back your time from all those hospital and pharmacy queues. You will also inevitably free your doctor to attend to more deserving cases. In times to come Medical Kiosks will become commonplace, possibly taking the place of the now antiquated telephone booths that once populated our neighborhoods.

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