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April 21, 2021
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April 28, 2021

When do you require a fertility consult?

Does everyone require a fertility consult?

Nope. Majority of couples will conceive shortly after they consciously start trying. Others will conceive unexpectedly, even when they weren’t really ready. But it can be hard to come to the realization that you aren’t conceiving for a reasonable period of time. Even when everyone else around you is just getting pregnant! As soon as you become aware of a delay in conceiving, you should immediately consider having an initial consult.

What should prompt couples to consult?

For young couples with no immediately apparent problems, waiting for about a year prior to the initial consult is usually advised. Older couples, well above the mid-30s should seek help sooner. If there are obvious matters, like irregular periods, help should also be sought sooner.

Who should be consulted?

Your regular gynecologist should suffice as the initial point of contact. You may end up just requiring simple advise and reassurance. But some will require basic evaluation and testing. Simple remedies may be appropriate.
Complex fertility problems will require referral to a fertility specialist. But there isn’t any harm at all to seek your initial consult from a fertility specialist.
The social stigma associated with infertility may unconsciously delay you from seeking help in good time. It’s better to accept that there might be a problem, and get this addressed sooner than later. Women tend to make the initial steps for seeking fertility help. But it’s always advisable that both partners attend a fertility consultation together.

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