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March 8, 2019
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Excessive drinking, not just about Mututho laws

The debate about the merits and demerits of the famous Mututho laws on drinking is not about to end. There will always be a counter-argument. It matters little who puts in a better reasoned point of view, the issue at hand is our long term health in the face of alcoholism.

The ills of drink driving are self-evident. The horrific scenes witnessed by many the morning after are all too graphic. What with too many deaths, broken bones and lives changed forever?

There is no good reason for this to continue happening. Any measures to save more lives should be welcome. But motor accidents are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to less graphic, but equally lethal effects of alcoholism.

Enjoying alcoholic drinks within the recommended weekly safe limits is fine. But there is a very thin line between keeping to safe limits and going over the edge into constant inebriation.And that’s where the problem lies.

The long term untoward health effects of excess alcohol consumption are well known. You run the risk of liver disease, cardiovascular disease, mental disorders and nervous system diseases among a host of many others. Antisocial behavior is not spared either. That’s where crime, poor performance at work and relationship breakdowns come in. No wonder premature deaths related to alcohol are on the rise.

Neither Mututho, nor anybody else for that matter, can force you to drink within safe limits. This is a decision you alone must make. There are many ways to escape getting caught while driving beyond limits. Am not about to divulge any clues here on how to beat the law. What you will not escape is the slow but sure damage that will inevitably overwhelm your organs. You can drink-drive all you want, and possibly never get flagged down or get caught up in a grisly accident. But you will slowly succumb to a lesser graphic effect of your alcoholic ways.

So how can you help yourself? The first step is to take stock of how much you are drinking presently. Reduce the amount at every drinking session, order a soft drink or water when the next rounds come. And drink less frequently during the week. You could substitute going to the pub with a new activity, like getting home earlier or volunteering for a needy cause. You could choose to change your company as well, and hook up with teetotalers for a change. If already over the edge, you need professional help. Call up your doctor, and consider joining a support group. Alcoholic anonymous will happily accept your membership.

It is in your self-interest to keep your alcohol intake within safe health limits. The law is an ass, make your own in matters of health. You will then not need anybody policing whatever you imbibe and how much. You will always be within healthy limits.

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