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September 8, 2021
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Focus on common causes of male infertility

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

STIs include infections like gonorrhea and chlamydia. There may or may not be any symptoms. STIs can damage sperm transport channels, leading to situations where there are no sperms in semen. Such men may require surgical removal of sperms from the testes, and subsequent IVF treatment. Avoid STIs by using condoms appropriately. Any suspected STIs must be tested and treated promptly, including testing of the sexual partner.

Lifestyle factors

Modern lifestyles can have detrimental effects of male reproduction. Those who are sedentary and overweight may have poor sperm quality. Watch what you eat, be physically active, and maintain a healthy weight.Avoid toxins like smoking and other drugs, and excessive alcohol consumption.Adjusting to healthier lifestyles is sometimes all that is needed to improve sperm quality.

Rare causes of male infertility

These include specific testicular diseases, hormonal problems, genetic causes, other medical conditions, and even complex genetic syndromes.These tend to be rare causes, and require extensive diagnostic tests. Some of the causes may be amenable to treatment. But some other causes are unfortunately untreatable, often mandating sperm donation or adoption.

What to do if male infertility is suspected

You need to consult a fertility specialist promptly.Initial evaluation will include a sperm test. Additional testing will be advised based on the results of the sperm test.You will then get specific advice.Modern fertility treatment means most men with infertility can be helped to father their own biological children.

Predict your treatment success rates

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