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January 15, 2021
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Every so often, you’ll hear of medical catastrophes emanating from of any given number of healthcare institutions in the country. Majority of the time, the public is never privy to adequate details about how events actually unfolded. What’s not in question however is that the ordinary Kenyan remains at risk of some medical misdemeanor whilst in pursuit of healthcare.

When there has been a poor medical outcome, multiple factors are usually at play. Some situations may have just been too grim from the outset, ending up with an inevitable morbid outcome. But more often, the eventual outcome may have been different. If only every desired provision was in place. That means the availability of the right infrastructure, the right equipment, all necessary commodities, and the ready presence of qualified and skilled medical staff.

As an individual, you can take appropriate measures to always keep the odds of survival in your favor whenever you seek healthcare. One of the most important things you must do is to always ensure your care is with the right healthcare institution. That means being very selective about healthcare facilities. Don’t go to any by default. Only go to ones with a tangible reputation of quality and good outcomes. It’s easy to pre-qualify suitable facilities by looking up online information, making impromptu visits and reviewing feedback from others.

Healthcare professionals are your next target. Not all specialists are the same, even if they hold equivalent qualifications. Some have rusted over time, and are no better than the next door quack. Others are in it for self-gain, rather than the age-old Hippocratic oath of upholding your best interests. You must be very selective of your doctors. Look up any and all information about them. Cross-check their qualifications and standing with the medical licensing board. Make an appointment and meet them, even if it’s for a sham consult. Then make a final judgment about their suitability of being entrusted with your soul.

If you are in the right healthcare facility, and with the right medical team, your odds of optimal care are at their best. But you cannot stop being vigilant. You must keep your ears and eyes wide open as you negotiate the healthcare corridors. Even the best of medical teams are not infallible, standards do and will slip every so often. If you notice anything unusual, bring it up pronto. Make sure you understand every intervention proposed, it’s justification and potential complications. Only consent to what appears objective. And be quick to seek an alternate opinion if in doubt.

There is an unfortunate dark side to healthcare, like any other service industry. Keep your wits about you in all your healthcare endeavors. That way, you are more likely to avoid medical misadventures, and somewhat remain in control of your own survival.

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