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Women’s health apps

Apps is the term that describes software applications designed to run on cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

There are apps for every imaginable task, and medical apps have not been left out either. The App Store alone is estimated to have about 40,000 medical apps, either for general health lifestyles or for turning mobile gadgets into medical devices.

The use of mobile apps is revolutionizing health care, potentially letting doctors diagnose conditions outside traditional health-care settings. You will find apps that help you sleep better, lose weight, and eat better. And there are specific apps for pregnancy monitoring and Gynecological conditions. Below is a snap shot of some popular apps for women’s health.

The ‘52 week women’s health’ app categorizes health topics per week throughout the calendar year. You can glim through any health issues affecting women, input your current status and analyze your health stats. You can even set specific health goals, track your progress and make adjustments to optimize your health.

If pregnant, you can use the ‘Embryo’ app to track the pregnancy from fertilization, development stages and even perform various calculations for dating and estimated time of delivery. After delivery, a ‘Lactation support’ app will help with all the issues that arise with breastfeeding. If any concerns arise about the baby’s growth, there is also an app that tracks appropriate growth patterns and alerts you when the baby’s weight and height go off-course.

For Gynecological health, you’ll find a ‘Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)’ app readily available for your use. It advises you to snap a picture of any funky below-the-belt situations and forward these to your Gynecologist for professional advice.Sounds cocky but it comes in handy for some! Those in the menopause have not been left out either. An app appropriately called ‘MyPause’ can help you manage menopausal symptoms. All you need is to input your symptoms and the app will suggest solutions enabling you to create remedial plans. It has been created by women for women.

But you must exercise caution when using medical apps for self-directed remedies. Medical apps must be synced with traditional health service delivery in order to get the best of both worlds. The availability of too many medical apps causes consumer confusion with choice. Which ones do exactly what they claim to do? Limit your downloads to what’s rated as useful by independent authorities, especially if forking out some cash. The rest may just be overrated junk.

Carefully selected women’s health apps can help discount minor symptoms, reduce unnecessary visits to your doctor and even save lives. But keep your wits about you. Gadget-aided decision making may be fancy and modernist, but can never completely replace physical assessment by your doctor when that becomes necessary.

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