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January 14, 2019
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January 22, 2019

Be aware of your fertility status

What’s fertility status?

This is your biological capability to bear children. Fertility potential varies with age, and declines rapidly from the mid-30s, both in women and men, but especially so in women. Various factors can interfere with the capability to bear children. Examples include blocked tubes in women and poor sperm quality in men

Why important?

Being aware of your fertility status helps with appropriate planning for parenthood. A good example is women approaching the age of 40. They should be keenly aware of declining egg numbers and quality, and hence take steps to conceive sooner than later. Or opt to preserve their eggs for future use.

We urge couples to always be aware of their fertility health. Optimal fertility can be maintained by good general health, keeping a healthy weight, avoiding toxins (like smoking), and practicing safe sexual habits to avoid STIs.

If you suspect you have a condition that may interfere with getting pregnant, it’s best to get checked out sooner, rather than wait for events to unfold when it might be too late


Indicators of good fertility status?

Young age, <35y

Normal BMI (both men and women)

Regular menstrual cycles – indicating ovulation and uterine function

No previous STIs or other pelvic infections

Good general health, with no chronic conditions

Knowing your fertility status empowers you to make appropriate reproductive choices.

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