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It’s entirely possible that you take your pee for granted. After all, it’s almost an automated process. You take some drinks, or eat some juicy stuff, and then you head off to pee whenever the call comes. It is a well regulated bodily mechanism, taking care of excess fluids and helping to eliminate some toxins. The status of your peeing habits also carries various clues about your health status, and it pays to be aware of this.

The average healthy human makes about two liters of urine every day, though this may vary depending on prevailing circumstances. The bladder serves as a reservoir for the urine, and warns you that it needs emptying whenever it fills up. It can hold enough urine to allow you to pee somewhere between four to five times in a day, usually at socially convenient moments. And the peeing process itself is flawless, with easy and painless flow of urine.

Make it a habit to always have a look at whatever you are peeing. Normal urine should usually be clear, implying good hydration status and normality of fluid balance in your body. The color may change depending on what you have drank or eaten. But some colors are plainly abnormal. Passing out blood-stained urine, for example, should be a clear prompt for an urgent check-up.

The sensation of discomfort when passing urine is abnormal as well. It can be an indicator of potential urinary infections. This is especially common in women, and may be accompanied by the urge to pee more frequently even when the bladder is not really full. And if needing to pee too frequently, with or without associated excessive thirst, you may need testing for diabetes. Or other drinking disorders.

You don’t really need much effort to release urine from the bladder. If you find yourself straining to let it out, then something is the matter. It may mean some obstructive process that requires checking out, especially in men. Equally, the urine shouldn’t let itself off without your will. That is usually described as incontinence, and in the worst of cases can lead to social embarrassment and isolation. Incontinence is usually an indicator of something wrong with the bladder control mechanisms. The majority will end up with an effective remedy for incontinence following a medical evaluation.

Your urine has endless applications in medicine. It is a ready source for many screening and diagnostic tests. It can also be purified to provide a rich source of some human hormones. But observations about its therapeutic value are wanting. Drinking your own urine is unlikely going to cure your ills. And it doesn’t really help to pee on your wounds, or bathe in your own urine in dubious attempts to smoothen your skin. The bottom line is that ingesting your own urine is unlikely to harm you, but there are hardly any medical benefits.

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